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Distinctive Learning

Summer Term begins at The Learning Center of SCI.

For everyone who remains in Savannah during the hot months, The Learning Center offers ongoing educational programs of very high quality in two sessions this season: one of three weeks’ duration and the other of six. Choose programs in one session or the other, or stay with TLC for the whole nine weeks!

It’s true that the programs in some instances are more lighthearted than our usual fare: three weeks spent on Lucille Ball and six weeks devoted to other comedians in the black-and-white television era may not be precisely high learning. Marilyn Monroe films may seem slightly middle brow to the uninitiated. And naughty Bible stories may seem even slightly inappropriate. Nevertheless, TLC’s instructors earnestly explain, passionately probe, and dutifully demystify the big and important issues with the same vigor they bring to the regular academic year!

Of course, other courses this summer are not nearly so warm and breezy: the nineteenth-century novel and its transformation into tragedy shadows the real-life human catastrophe perpetrated in the twentieth century by the Nazis. Great speeches in history inspire and ennoble us. Race, religion, gender, and culture in the American South make us all think about this unusual region in which we live. And the fiftieth anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and its shepherding by President Johnson warrant our attention.

Add to all of this an exciting line-up of Wednesday midday lectures – nine of them, just like in the academic year – and the result is a full summer, rich in the stories of literature, the icons of history, the curiosities of human culture, and even the mysteries of nature.

We look forward to being with you frequently this summer at The Learning Center of SCI. Please let us know how we can make your time with us even more rewarding.